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How You Can Boost Your Belief in Yourself

Our fears, our doubts and our worries are things that we learn from people around us and it's important that we unlearn all of the shit that is holding us back! None of it is truth, so we have to quit believing it.. and that is why we are going to discuss how you can boost your belief in yourself, today.

To start....

  • You Don't Suck

  • You Aren't a Failure

  • You Won't Always be Broke

  • You ARE Enough

Okay...glad we got that out of the way.

If I didn't list one of the things you keep telling yourself, please know that it is on the list... for the sake of time, I kept the list small, however any negative self talk you have applies here. It's time to switch the negative to a positive and change your damn life!

Body + Mind

Your body and your mind are soul mates. They feed off of each other and when something is off with one, the other can tell. When you're stressed out, depressed or exhausted we tend to eat like crap, skip workouts and some of us even subconsciously pick at our nails or pull our hair out, causing damage to our body. This is our mind having a direct impact on our bodies and it's no bueno.

Now flip the issue. Maybe you have been working hard to get in shape or train for a race that is a big goal of yours, but you get injured. This trauma to your body can directly impact your mind by causing feelings of depression, failure and sadness. See how connected they are?

Some way to strike balance when things are feeling off:

  • Get some fresh air

  • Watch a funny show

  • Prepare a healthy meal that you enjoy

  • Read a book

  • Take a deep breath

  • Meditate

  • Focus on what is in your control

The goal here is the stop the downward spiral that can rapidly happen when things do not go exactly as we plan in life.


Confidence is really key here and we build it by having faith in ourselves and celebrating every little win, as well as, every attempt that we make to change our habits and improve our lives.

Remember... it is all about FAIL FORWARD around here! It's okay if you fail as long as you don't give up. You have to look at why you didn't succeed this time, identify what you can do differently next time and then try again! Rinse and repeat until you achieve the desired outcome.

I know most people only celebrate achieving goals and big wins, however it takes a lot of little baby steps to get there. I say learn to have more fun and celebrate the entire way! Think about how much fun and less stress the journey to success will be if you do.

Take Note

Every win, every attempt and every lesson learned should be noted. You want to keep track of them all. They are your blueprint to success and just like I mentioned above, you want to celebrate and congratulate yourself every step of the way.

This also comes in handy for reflection on the days that feel tough and you feel like quitting. Sitting in silence and reading over your wins can be a huge confidence booster and that's is the goal here right? We are trying to build belief in ourselves, so why not keep note of how amazingly awesome you are?

Sharing is Caring

Share your wins, your losses and your lessons, share them all!

If you're reading this, you are likely on social media, where we compare ourselves and end up feeling like crap most of the time, right? So why not be a light at the end of someone's tunnel and share your real life (not a highlight reel) or your journey?

There is just something powerful about sharing your journey and possibly helping someone else in the process... which in turn could help you to build your confidence in yourself. (See how all of this stuff builds upon each other to get you to your goal?)

Plus helping others is always in style. Okay...I'll stop.

Find Your Tribe

Having a community or group of people with similar interests, goals and desires to what you are trying to achieve is crucial when you are trying to improve your life.

For more on this subject, check out this post: We Are Creatures of Environment

I hope that these tips help you to gain belief and confidence in yourself, so that you can take the necessary steps to create the positive change you want to achieve in your life.

Just remember... Nobody really knows what the hell they're doing. We all have fears, strengths and weaknesses. We just need to learn how to lean into them and stop comparing ourselves to others. We all have a unique story to create and tell. That story is ours and no one else's, so do not give your power away.

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