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Nikki Hynes

Mindset Strategist

When not reading or discussing personal development, I can most likely be found sipping coffee, wandering around in nature or trying local craft beer and restaurants.

Hi! I'm Nikki and I am here to help you realize that it is NEVER too late to conquer your limiting beliefs and achieve the life of your dreams.

I'm a mom of 2 who has spent the last 14 years trying to #failforward while owning my own sh*t, in order to fix my mindset and become a healthier and happier version of myself. 

After losing 100 pounds and keeping it off for over a decade, I learned that I control my own fate and began to shift from fitness coaching to focusing on mindset to teach others to do the same.


It's so important to embrace that YOU too can become the person you want to be ... you just need to learn how to change how you view "failure".

During my weight loss journey I discovered that mindset is the most important thing you can ever work on. So I dug in, cried a lot and uncovered a lot of limiting beliefs that I was carrying around and allowing to hold me back.

My passion for mindset and helping others to embrace a growth mindset lead me to become certified as a Behavior Change and Mental Toughness specialist as well as NLP (neurolinguistic programming).

Currently, the strides I have made with mindset have helped me through a divorce, become debt-free, build a savings, move across the county and most importantly realize that we can do anything we set our minds to, as long as we are willing to rewrite the narrative we have been telling ourselves for so long.


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