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 After spending the majority of my life overweight, unhappy with myself, stressed, frustrated and having little self-worth, I decided to make a change and started out on a wellness journey. During this wellness journey to lose weight and improve my health, I discovered that mindset is the most important thing you can ever work on and I embraced what I call a "Fail Forward Mindset".


We all walk around with lots of limiting beliefs, fears and feelings over not being deserving. These feelings end up becoming compounded with information overload from the internet, social media and the comparison to others. As a result, we end up with feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and just not knowing what's the right next step for ourselves. We start to feel like whatever we do we is wrong and the negative self-talk begins to creep in and take over our daily lives.

Sound familiar? If so, you are not alone.

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Feeling lost, overwhelmed and

like your negative thoughts are running your life? If you said yes than 1:1 coaching is for you!


This program is custom designed to identify what's holding you back, break the negative thought patterns and build new habits that can help you to achieve your goals and live the live of your dreams.

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Find Your Zen

Reiki Meditation

Meditation shouldn't be overwhelming and it isn't a practice of clearing your mind

of all thoughts. It should be about learning how to navigate your busy mind, so

you can live a life filled with

less anxiety, stress and worry.

Each 45 min session consists of a brief check-in, guided meditation to help you relax & reduce stress, plus 30 mins of healing distance reiki to help clear stagnant energy within your body.

Private 1:1 Coaching


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my story?

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