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We Live in a World of Extremes

Today's post is a little different and it's going to be shorter. This is more of a "where I'm at post", because lately I’ve been struggling with trying to kick so much of my old mental programming.

Some of this programming is tied to limiting beliefs that are so deeply rooted that they take time to work through. Some are just social media posts and personal development that I’ve read and absorbed over the years that promoted the hustle life which I am so desperately trying to kick.

You see, the social media and personal development scene were very different a decade ago. Back when I first start my health and wellness journey, it was all about hustle and tough truths.

  • If you didn’t wake up early and work toward your goal every waking moment, you were essentially weak and would never succeed.

  • Rest was for those who didn’t really believe in themselves or their dreams. Sleep was for the weak and as for your excuses…let’s not even get started on those.

Over time that can all mess with you and cause more harm than good.

This is why I have such a strong stance on social media these days. While it can be a wonderful wealth of information, it can also do a lot of damage if you do not take the information that is available and filter it to ensure it fits your goals, life and purpose.

Today, social media is different and that hustle mentality isn’t as prominent as it used to be. Posts today are more body positive, preach self care and making time for yourself. It calls for a more authentic presence to be displayed and for less comparison.

Honestly, it’s just a new extreme in my eyes and it should still be filtered to ensure it fits your goals, life and purpose because even positivity can be toxic if you aren’t honest with yourself.

In short, the only person who knows what is best for you is YOU and it's up to you to be honest with yourself.

It's one of the reason why I kicked off the Mindful March prompts over on Instagram. We live a life that is so tied into our phones and the notification we receive on them, that we lose sight of what is actually in our own best interest. Taking a month to experiment with different ways to be mindful can truly help to clear the excess noise and zero in on works for you.

I will leave you all with a question to journal, meditate or just think on:

  • What are the internal and external forces that are keeping you confined to your comfort zone?

Make a list of them and then think about where they came from and if they actually fit into the story of the life you are trying to create.

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