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I Am Enough

I AM ENOUGH - say it out say it again, and again, and again, until you start to believe it.

I have spoken about positive affirmations and the power that our internal conversations hold over us many times here and over on Instagram. You might think they're hokey or silly to do, but if you only ever embrace one positive affirmation in your life, please make it this one!


Learning that you are enough is so damn crucial in life. Like most crucial lessons, it can also be very difficult because of social media and how we often tend to compare ourselves to what we see on it. (In full disclosure I struggle with this but I’m getting better.)

With that all being said and the risk of sounding like a broken record, please for the love of f*ck.... STOP COMPARING YOUR DAILY LIFE TO THE PERFECTLY CURATED SOCIAL MEDIA FEED OF PEOPLE YOU DON’T REALLY KNOW.

I can almost guarantee you their life isn’t as perfect as it seems and they aren’t leaving a trail of rainbows and unicorns everywhere they go. They are just choosing to share the highlights and the fun stuff, but we all know that life can be messy and that's what makes it beautiful if you are able to shift into a growth mindset.

I look at my own feed and it's primarily positive, but that is not because my life it is perfect. It's because I am trying to be more positive in life, so that is what I choose to focus on.

The only person you should ever be in competition with is yourself. Even then you need to show yourself grace, because life throws curveballs and we don’t always know how to handle them at first. That's why Fail Forward became such an important mantra in my life. It helped me to learn how to embrace "failure" and look for the lessons so that I could try again and find success.

So who’s ready to embrace this affirmation today? Who's ready to scream I AM ENOUGH from the rooftops and start living the life that they want?

Please share this with a friend who could use this message or if they have helped you to see your value as well! - your tribe can help your mental health not only to survive but to thrive!

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