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Your Purpose is to be You

If you have attempted to set goals or make a vision board before, one of the most common places you are told to start, is by asking yourself "What do I want to achieve" or "What do I feel my purpose in life is?" These two questions can cause a mental shutdown of epic proportions because many of us have no idea what we truly want. Spoiler alert, there is no right or wrong answer here. The answer is that your purpose is to be YOU.

You see, the meaning of life and what our purpose in it is going to be different to everyone. These answers are based on how we view the world and what we want to accomplish in life. It's based on our upbringing, our beliefs and the change we want to see in the world. There is no one size fits all here, which means there is no right or wrong answer.

To find out what your purpose is or what some goals you might want to set for yourself are, you need to get quiet and honest with yourself about a few things. I went over these in a prior post about Why Self-Reflection is Important, so feel free to hop over, read and then come back here to finish this post.

Asking yourself the 10 questions referenced in that post is a great way for your to gain clarity on what is important to you. Without knowing what you value, what makes you happy and what motivates you, it's difficult to set goals and figure out what your purpose in life is.

What I find amusing is that so many of us think we need to have this all figured out when we are in our 20s but now that I'm older, I know that is impossible to do. We don't have enough life experience to have it all figured out then, but if we start asking ourselves the right questions and setting goals, we can figure things out much sooner.

As we grow up and experience new things, we realize that we are the artists of our own lives. We are the painter and the painting, the sculptor and the sculpture. Whatever our mind is focused on, we create in our lives. This is why our mindset is so important.

If we only focus on the negative and what is wrong, we create a life full of unhappiness. If we figure out what makes us happy, practice gratitude and work each and every day on bringing more that into our lives, we find our purpose and gain clarity on what that is to us.

Your purpose is to be you. All of you, everyday, in every thing that you do and whatever that means to you. You are the creator of your world and you are an evolving, unique masterpiece.

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