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It's About More Than Just Looking Good

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

When you think about getting healthy, the first thought most people have tends to be about their reflection, or how they will look in a swimsuit. They envision themselves sans muffin top with some muscle tone to their bodies and feeling comfortable in said swimsuit. But I'm here today to discuss how getting healthy is about more than just looking good.

A lot of times people get discouraged when the set out on their health and wellness journey because the scale doesn't move as quickly as they'd like it to. I get it, society has turned the scale into the holy grail of health but it's not. It's simply a tool in your wellness toolbox and not all tools are needed for every job.

There are other benefits that you can reap from your wellness journey besides weight loss. So even if the scale isn't moving, you might be seeing or experiencing some of these benefits and they are important to celebrate because they positively impact you health.

Better Sleep

You might not realize it, but sleep and weight loss have a close relationship with each other.

Getting more sleep can help you on your weight loss journey by keeping your hunger hormones balanced. This helps to reduce cravings and it increases your willpower because it's much more tempting to give in to cravings and fast food options when you're tired.

The average American sleeps less than 7 hours per night. This is how we end up stressed out and in "burn out" mode, which leads to a laundry list of health issues.

Lack of sleep can leave us fatigued and it reduces our motivation, which works against what we are trying to accomplish -- so make sure you make sleep a priority.

Reduction in Stress

You have probably heard of a hormone called Cortisol, right? If not, Cortisol is a stress hormone that stimulates the appetite and typically kicks our cravings for high sugar and "comfort" foods into high gear. These foods act as a temporary relief to uncomfortable feelings of stress and give us a false sense of calm.

Exercise is an amazing stress buster and outlet for people. It can be a great way to take out your frustrations and reduce the stress in your daily life. From work deadlines to errands and needy toddlers... we all have something that stresses us out on a daily basis, so we need to learn how to counter balance that stress.

Experiment with different workouts and find one that helps you to "burn the crazy off" - running, walking, boxing, lifting or yoga. There is a spirit workout out there for you, find it and get your stress level under control!

Better Mobility

Did you know that for each pound your lose, there is a 4 pound reduction to the stress put on the knee joint? Think about how many steps we take in a day and what that means for our joints.

When we experience joint pain, it's typically because our bodies are struggling to carry our excess weight. By reducing that excess weight, we reduce excess pressure and our body thanks us by giving us less pain.

So even small weekly losses can add up to big change in how our bodies react and feel during our workouts and it's important to take note of those changes weekly.

Improved Mood

No one likes a Grumpasaurus and most of tend to turn into them when we our diets consist of highly processed carbohydrates and sugar laden foods. Not to mention that they reek havoc on nervous systems and send our hormones into a tail spin.

When we switch our focus to healthier food sources it's not uncommon to notice a shift in our mood. This is because we fuel our bodies with nutrient dense food instead of cause carb comas and sugar crashes. These nutrient dense foods keep our energy levels more even, which ultimately keeps up happy and not hangry.

Hopefully by now you can see how all of these tie together and have nothing to do with the scale.

For reference I am currently 60 days into a 75 day program and if I was going strictly by the number on the scale, I would have given up and drowned my sorrows in Ben & Jerry's by now.

Thankfully, I have learned to use the scale as just a source of data. This can be tough to do when you are just starting out, I get it. I've been there and it took me a long time to discover the error of my ways and that is why I share these posts. If I can stop at least one person from making the same mistakes I made when I started out, I've paid it forward and done something good.

So remember, is about more than just looking good. It's about feeling better and functioning happier! The swimsuit ends up being a bonus. Listen and subscribe to the podcast version of this blog HERE

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